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WELCOME to A Georgia Backflow Tester

     A Family Owned and Operated Company

A Georgia Backflow Tester is a certified backflow inspection company knowledgeable in annual inspections, repairs, and installation of backflow preventers required by your local water authority. We operate all over the state of Georgia and strive for the best customer service at the lowest price! With over 20+ years experience, we can handle all of your backflow prevention questions. Call today for service or a free quote!

Received a letter stating its time for your annual backflow test? Backflow Preventers are inspected annually to prevent contaminants from back-washing into your supply line.

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When a backflow preventer fails annual inspection, it can usually be repaired to stay compliant with your water authority's guidelines.

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Water lines with a hazard or risk of contamination should have a backflow preventer installed to prevent water backflow into supply lines.

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Property owners or management companies may benefit from bundling their locations so devices are tested at the same time each year.

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