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Backflow Installations

~Have you received a letter stating you need backflow preventers installed?

  • Supply water lines should have backflow preventers installed on all commercial lines and high hazard lines.


  • Local water authority may require backflow preventers installed and certain devices must be used depending on your business' level of hazard. ( RPZ, DCV, DCDA, PVB )


  • Here are the types of backflows recommended installed to stay compliant with the EPA and your local water authority:

  1. (RPZ) High Hazard - lines for: lawn irrigation, chiller makeup, boiler makeup, pool supply lines.

  2. (DCV) Low Hazard - used to isolate non-health hazard water lines: domestic, non-chem irrigation, fire lines.

  3. (DCDA) Large Water Lines - consists of two independent operating checks. Low hazard fire & domestic lines.

  4. (PVB) Air Gap - Relies on an air inlet valve to prevent back siphonage. Rarely seen on lawn irrigation systems.

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