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Home Irrigation System - Backflow Testing

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Why does my residential home irrigation system need inspected?

  • Most water authorities in Georgia will require home-owners with irrigation systems to maintain a passing backflow preventer on your home irrigation water system.

  • Containments mixed with the water to irrigate your yard can potentially flow backward into your neighborhoods main water supply line in the form of back-flow. A backflow preventer is installed to prevent these chemicals from "back-washing" into your drinking water.


  • A certified backflow inspector is required once a year to test the devices or repair them if they are not passing if enforced by your local municipality.

  • If the backflow preventer is located outside near your irrigation water meter an appointment is not necessary to perform an inspection with a technician.

Water departments that may require backflow testing on home irrigation systems:


  1. Bartow County Water Department

  2. Cobb County Water Department

  3. Coweta County Water Department

  4. DeKalb County Water Department


  1. City of Atlanta Water Department

  2. Newnan Utilities

  3. Roswell Water Department

~Have you received a letter saying its time to have your backflow devices tested?

  • Your local water authority has the right to disconnect water service to your property if your backflows are not passing and holding tight against backflow.


  • Here are the steps we take to assure you are compliant:

  1. Schedule a time to meet at your property and test all backflow preventers required by the authority.

  2. Fill out reports to inform county your backflow preventers results & fax reports to county ASAP.

  3. If backflow preventers fail we can go over the options available to be in compliance with the municipality.

  4. In one year we will inform you it is time to retest your backflow preventers to help keep you water on!

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