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Who is A Georgia Backflow Tester?

Mission Statement - To educate, act, and prevent the  spread of backflow contaminants in your drinking water.

Many Americans do not understand the potential hazards backflow contaminants in your drinking water can have on your health and lifestyle.


For the last century, we have always enjoyed clean and treated drinking water our local water purveyor provides us in the convience in which we consume it.

Once water is consumed by the customer, back pressure and siphonage creates a "backwash" affect where any deadly chemicals used on irrigation lines or hazards from bathrooms or kitchens on domestic lines are sent back through to the supply line where other people can ingest and cause serious complications.


Without backflow regulation, Americans would see an increase in ingested illnesses and diseases as such in third-world countries. It is our goal to prevent backflow from ever happening. With a passing backflow preventer you can help keep your water containaments from being reused by other people.

Here at A Georgia Backflow Tester we are committed to not only keep your drinking water clean, but to offer the best service possible at the lowest price. Testing and preventing backflow is all we do. We promise if you join our team we will provide consistant outstanding customer service, and the lowest prices in the state of Georgia!

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