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Backflow Testing for Home Irrigation Systems

Newnan, GA - Newnan Utilities Water Department

  • If your water supplier is Newnan Utilities, you will be required to maintain a passing backflow preventer on your home irrigation water system.

  • Containments mixed with the water to irrigate your yard can potentially flow backward into your neighborhoods main water supply line in the form of back-flow. A backflow preventer is installed to prevent these chemcials from "back-washing" into your drinking water.


  • A certified backflow inspector is required once a year to test the devices or repair them in they are not passing.

  • If the backflow preventer is located outside near your irrigation water meter an appointment is not necessary to perform an inspection with our inspectors.

A Georgia Backflow Tester is your premier backflow tester for the City of Newnan - Newnan Utilities

Call (770) 866 - 5160

Call (770) 548 - 8471


If your water provider is the Newnan Utilities call us today! We will perform a backflow inspection and submit the required forms to your water municipality. We will keep you compliant with all your local water authorities laws and regulations.


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